I am an artist because of what I see and being an artist teaches me how to see.

Gay Tracy

Intense colors give my work its signature exuberance, verve, boldness, and unique spirit. 



Exhibitions & Juried Shows


  • The Human Condition, Invitational Show, Curated by Mr G Szegedy, Loading Dock Gallery, Lowell MA
  • 13 Perspectives, Brush Gallery and Studios, Lowell MA
  • Whistler Museum Juried Member’s Show, Lowell MA


  • Stretch, Brush Gallery & Studios, Lowell MA
  • Vessels: The Art of Containment, invitational show organized by Glenn Szegedy
  • In Cold Blood, Brush Gallery, Juried Show, Lowell MA
  • Shaken Not Stirred:Embracing Diversity, Loading Dock Gallery, Lowell MA